CAG Soundbites

“The little man did enjoy it! ” 

This is taken from Ida Gibbs letter to her mother in 1890, in which she describes her son’s reaction to the meet. Barely eighteen months old, Armstrong Gibbs addressed every pink coat as ‘Dadda’. Much to David Cecil’s disappointment, his son Armstrong was not to follow in his own footsteps and become a keen horseman. However the experience of the hunt may have made enough of an impression on him to evoke the movement The Huntsmen in Peacock Pie 

“To my ears this stuff is plain ugly. Tell me, do you think it’s ugly, or is it that I’m too old-fashioned to hear the beauty in it which you hear?”

 An extract from Gibbs unpublished autobiography in which he speaks to a student at the RCM who has just submitted some compositions. The student actually agrees with Gibbs, saying, ‘Of course it’s ugly. We live in an ugly world and I’m a realist.’ 

“I can praise you for one thing. You certainly caught the spirit all right, and not much soda with it either!” 

An extract from Gibbs unpublished autobiography in which he describes his adjudication of an all male choir at a county festival in the south of England. Unbeknown to Gibbs, the choir had been on a pub crawl during the lunch break and the Vicar had had great difficulty in rounding them up for the afternoon performance. The adjudication provoked a hurt letter from the vicar, but he was somewhat mollified when Gibbs explained that his praise, as well as his criticism of the choir’s technical faults, had been entirely ingenuous.