The Lady of Shalott                                                               July – September 1916
for mezzo–soprano solo and SA chorus (solos may be sung by unison chorus)
Words by Alfred Lord Tennyson
B–P Library, Bag Bi: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 24 pages and title page
Curwen 1929 [BL: E1592jj4]; Curwen/Schirmer 1942? [BL: B386s6] with tonic sol–fa

String Quartet, Op 6 – 1916
Became the second movement of String Quartet, Op 8

String Quartet in G minor, Op 7                                         November 1916
in 1 movement
B–P Library, Bag Eiii: MS, ink, dated, score 14 pages and title page, 2 copies and set
of parts Unpublished
Dedicated to E. J. Dent
First performance 28 April 1917 at Aeolian Hall – London String Quartet