Five Songs
Words by Walter de la Mare
1. The Stranger, Op 21(2) (In the woods as I did walk), D@ [d’-g’’@] See Part Songs – unaccompanied p.31                                                                                 July 1919
2. The Linnet, Op 21(1) (Upon this leafy bush), G [g’-g’’] July 1919
3. The Mountains, Op 19(2) (Still and blanched and cold and lone), G minor, c’#-e’’] February 1918
4. Love in the almond bough, Op 19(1) (Love in the almond bough), F [e’-g’’@] December 1918
5. The Bells, Op 14(2) (Shadow and light both strove to be), E@ [c’@-g’’] March 1918
No. 1 dedicated to Adrian Boult, No. 2 to H. P. Allen, No. 3 to W. de la Mare,
No. 4 to Edward J. Dent and No. 5 to R. Vaughan Williams
Stainer & Bell 1920, cr, [BL:  G426k8]; Goodmusic 2007
Four Songs from Children’s Play ‘Crossings’, Op 20
Words by Walter de la Mare
1. Ann’s Cradle Song (Now silent falls the clacking mill),# C minor [d’@–e’’@], Novello Album 1
2. Araby (Dark-browed Sailor, tell me now),  F [e’–f’’], Novello Album 1,
3. Beggar’s Song (Now all the roads to London Town), E minor [b–e’’], Novello Album 1
4. Candlestick Maker’s Song (Listen, I who love thee well), D minor [c’-f’’@#], Novello Album 2
Curwen 1924
First performance 21 June 1919 at The Wick School, Brighton with Adrian Boult conductor
and Edward J. Dent producer

See Stage and Screen p. 43; Orchestral Music p. 46; piano and strings p. 48



Crossings, Op 20                                                                                      February–April 1919
Incidental music to the play by Walter de la Mare
Flute, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, piano
RCM 4851: MS score, 13 numbers separately dated, 63 pages and Fairy Music cues for
piano conductor
RCM 4852: Copyist’s MS, 94 pages and Fairy Music cues for piano conductor
Beaumont Press 1921 [BL: Case100g7], decorations by Randolph Schwabe, Libretto
and the four solo songs
F. B. Goodwin 1921, parts; W. Collins 1924 [BL: C410], libretto and piano
score; piano score [BL: D11779f65] First performance 21 June 1919 at The Wick School, Brighton
See Solo Songs p. 2; Orchestral Music – full orchestra p. 46, piano and strings p. 48


Full Orchestra

Crossings, Op 23                                                                              October-November 1919
Suite for orchestra: 2 flutes (piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 trumpets,
timpani, triangle, cymbals, harp (or celesta in 2), strings
1. Overture (5 November)
2. The Arrival (19 October)
3. Butcher, Baker and Candlestickmaker (27 October)
4. Scherzo (The Snow Tea) (14 October)
5. Christmas Eve (9/10 November)
RCM 4853: MS, score, bound, dated, with note by CAG on the origins of the play
B–P Library, Bag Ei: Copyist’s MS, score, ink, dated 10 November 1919, 72 pages
Curwen 1919 No. 90753 (‘but no printed copy exists’, RCM)
Dedicated to My Wife
First performance 1920 at RCM
See Solo Songs p. 2; Stage and Screen p. 43; Orchestral Music – Piano and strings p. 48


The Enchanted Wood, Op 25                                                                                   1919
A dance phantasy for solo violin, violins 1 and 2, viola, cellos 1 and 2, piano
B–P Library, Bag Ei: MS, score, ink, dated, 22 pages and title page
Curwen 1931 score [BL: g417q3] Dedicated to M. E. Gosnell
Cobbett Prize 1920


String Quartet in F# minor Op. 22                                                                            1919