Four Songs From Musical Play ‘Midsummer Madness’, Op 51
Words by Clifford Bax

  1. Neglected moon (Neglected moon, romance and you), E@ [e’@–a’’@], Novello Album 2

See Solo Songs – other accompaniments p. 13
June 1924

  1. Arrogant Poppies (Though people more wise), E minor [g’–g’’], Novello Album 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 June 1924
  2. The Chains of Love (O woman, fair shape!), B@ [b@–e’’@] July 1924
  3. The Rejected Lover (Hear me, you hollyhocks), G [d’–g’’], Novello Album 2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1924

Curwen 1924, separately [BL: G11775-8].
Dedications: 1 Marie Tempest, 2. Marjorie Leaster Dixon, 3. Frederick Ranalow
First performance June 1924 at Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith
See Stage and Screen p. 44

Solo Songs with piano accompaniment

The Galliass (Tell me, tell me, unknown stranger)
Words by Walter de la Mare
Curwen 1924 [BL: G11772], G [f’-f’’], Novello Album 1
Dedicated to Marjorie Leaster Dixon

Slow, horses, slow (Slow, horses, slow)
Words by Thomas Westwood
OUP 1924 [BL: G117710], C minor [f’–g’’], Roberton 1996 [BL: F1058cc(1)], Goodmusic 2003
See Unison Songs p. 40

By a Bier–side (This is a sacred city built of marvellous earth).
Words by John Masefield
Curwen 1924 [BL: G11771], C# minor [c’#-e’’], Novello Album 1


Neglected Moon (Neglected moon, romance and you)
Arranged by Percy E. Fletcher for voice and salon orchestra:
violin solo, violin obbligato, cello, bass, harmonium (or organ), piano conductor
Words by Clifford Bax
B-P Library, Bag Diii: MS (Fletcher?), 4 pages (with score of ‘Midsummer Madness’)
Curwen 1924 [BL: h3210h214], parts
See Solo Songs p. 4: Four Songs from ‘Midsummer Madness’


The Old Soldier (There came an Old Soldier to my door)
Words by Walter de la Mare
B-P Library, Bag Bi: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 7 pages,
Curwen 1925 [The Apollo Club No. 620] [BL: F667] Dedicated to The York Male Voice Choir

The Silver Penny (Sailorman, I’ll give to you my bright silver penny)
October 1924
Chorus for TTBB
Words by Walter de la Mare
B–P Library, Bag Bii: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 5 pages (poor condition)
Curwen 1925 [The Apollo Club No. 621] [BL: F667]

Fol, dol, do (Fol, dol, do, and a south wind blowing)
Chorus for TTBB (from ‘Crossings’)
Words by Walter de la Mare
Curwen 1926  [The Apollo Club No. 630] [BL: F667] See Stage and Screen p. 43, ‘Crossings’


Stage And Screen

Midsummer Madness, Op 51
October 1923–March 1924
Play for music in 3 acts for 4 soloists (SATB) with small orchestra: flute, 2 clarinets, bassoon,
string quartet and piano
Words by Clifford Bax
RCM 4848: MS score, dated, 202 pages, and 6 separate removed/alternative/unidentified sections, 36 pages
B–P Library, Bag Diii: MS, ink, vocal score, printer’s copy, 113 pages; orchestral score without voices, 41 pages
Curwen 1924 vocal score [BL: F690nn1] Dedicated to Clifford Bax
First performance 3 July 1924 at The Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith