Proud Maisie (Proud Maisie is in the wood)
Words by Sir Walter Scott
B–P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 2 pages and title page (in poor condition)
Curwen 1926 [BL: G117713], C [d’–e’’]

The Birch Tree (Green glimmering, silver shimmering)
27 August 1926
Words by Georgina Mase
B–P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 3 pages
Curwen 1927 [BL: G117717], A minor [a’–a’’], Novello Album 2
Dedicated to Ursula Greville

Jenny Jones (Jenny Jones, Oh, Jenny Jones)
Words by Doris Rowley
Curwen 1927 [BL: G117719]; B minor [a–e’’]


Easter (Most Glorious Lord of Lyfe, that on this day)
Anthem for SATB unaccompanied
Words by Edmund Spenser
OUP 1926 [Oxford Series of Modern Anthems No. 3] [BL: F1776]; Anglo–American Music 1983 [BL: E9251] See Church Music p. 23


New Year’s Eve, Op 57(1) (O Cartmel bells ring soft tonight)
for soprano (or tenor) solo and TTBB chorus
Words by Gordon Bottomley
B–P Library, Bag Bi: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 8 pages, title page and page of composer’s directions
Curwen 1927 [The Apollo Club No. 645] [BL: F667]

Part–songs – unaccompanied

A Song of Soldiers, Op 57(2) (As I sat musing by the frozen dyke)
for soprano (or tenor) solo and TTBB chorus with tenor lead
Words by Walter de la Mare
B-P Library, Bag Bii: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 12 pages and title page
Curwen 1927  [The Apollo Club No. 644] [BL: F667]


The Sting of Love, Op 56
Dedicated to H.M.G. (Honor Gibbs)
The Yorkshire Dales, Op 58
Three Impressions for violin, cello and piano
1. Walden
2. Whernside
3. Woodale
B–P Library, Bag Eii: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 22 pages and title page
Curwen 1927 score and parts [BL: g409o2]

Dedicated to (1)AB, (2) MB & W (3) B–R
One act comic opera for soloists and small orchestra: flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon,
2 horns, timpani, piano, strings
Words by Leonard Angus Gibbs
B–P Library, Bag Dv: MS, ink, dated, 102 pages and title page, bound