On Duncton Hill (The grey sheep glide across the downs)
Words by Gwen Grant
B-P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 2 pages
Curwen 1928 [BL: G117720], F# minor [f’#-f’’#], Novello Album 2

Resting (As a shadow goes over the hill)
Words by Gwen Grant
B–P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 2 pages
Curwen 1928 [BL: G117721]; C [d’@–e’’] (later arranged as the slow movement of the cello sonata, Op 132, 1951)


Part Songs – with Piano

Three Festival Choruses Op 61
17 April1927
for SA or TB or ST/AB chorus
1. Beyond the Spanish Main (The moon is up, the stars are bright); Words by Alfred Noyes
2. May in the greenwood (In somer when the shawes be sheyre); Words Anonymous 15th century
3. The Emigrant (Going by Daly’s shanty I heard the boys within); Words by John Masefield
B–P Library, Bag Bii: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 15 pages and title page
Curwen 1927 [Choral Handbook Nos. 1229, 1227, 1228] [BL: E862] with tonic sol–fa
See Chorus and orchestra p. 15 ‘May in the Greenwood’


When one isn’t there, Op 60
Children’s operetta for soloists, chorus and piano
Words by C. W. Emlyn
B-P Library, Bag Dv: MS, ink, dated, 22 pages and title page
Curwen 1928 [BL:  E1592dd4]


Three Pieces for String Quartet
7-16 September 1927
1. Above Blea Tarn
2. Winster Valley
3. Loweswater: Calm after Storm

B-P Library, Bag Eiii: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy
Curwen 1928 parts, cr, [BL: C140m3] ; Roberton Pubs. 1996;
Goodmusic 2006, score and parts


Four Preludes for Piano, Op 62
December 1927
1. New Moontide
2. The Hounds Of Spring
3. The Trout Pool
4. Flares
B–P Library, Bag Ei: MS, ink, dated, original No 1, ‘Sea Caverns’ deleted, 1
9 pages, some pencil
Curwen 1928 [BL: g1127jj24]