La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Op 64 (O what can ail thee, knight at arms)
September – October 1928
Chorus of mixed voices and orchestra
Words by John Keats
B–P Library, Bag Bi: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, vocal score 25 pages and title page
Curwen 1929 vocal score [BL: E1592jj3], string parts [BL: g1797d8] (‘parts available on hire’)
(Re–Orchestrated by W. Llewellyn in 1999)
Dedicated to E. C. Bairstow

First performance 27 November 1929 at Leeds Town Hall (Leeds Symphony Orchestra)


Herrick’s Ode (In numbers, and but these few)
Words by Robert Herrick
Curwen 1928 [Church Choralist No. 663] [BL: E1330] In The Oxford Book of Carols 1928, No 176

Lyric Sonata in F# minor, Op 63
for violin and piano
B-P Library, Bag Eii: score, ink, printer’s copy, 37 pages and title page ‘Sonata in F# minor’
Curwen 1929 [BL: g500o7] Dedicated to Sybil Eaton
First performance ?November 1929 at Aeolian Hall


Children’s Suite
1. Breakfast
2. Dinner
3. Tea
Curwen 1929 [BL: g1127ll16]