Before Daybreak, Op 100 (Listen to us, who threatens our purpose?)
July – August 1941
Contralto solo, women’s choir, string quartet, strings and piano
Words by Gordon Bottomley
B–P Library, Box 1: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 46 pages, title page, and notes on
performance, ‘Op. 101’
MS, pencil, dated, condensed score (voices and string quartet) 37 pages and title page, Bag Bi
Duration: 27’- 28’
Boosey & Hawkes 1941 vocal score [BL: E1592tt6] Dedicated to H.M.The Queen (in honour of Britain’s women in wartime)

First performance May 1942 at Westmorland Music Festival, Kendal


String Quartet in G minor (Kenilworth), Op 99
in 4 movements
MS Derek Ratcliffe
Dedicated to Arthur Catterall
First performance 5 February 1942 at Windermere (The Catterall Quartet)

Little Suite
for clarinet and string quartet
Duration: 6