Joan Of Arc, Op 102
Song Cycle – Five songs for soprano
Words by Mordaunt Currie

  1. Revelation (Deep woods grown dim), D@ [c’–g’’] dated 13 August
  2. Victory (Who rides? Who rides? Who hears my call)# C minor [e’–g’’]
  3. Crowning (The earth is filled with flowers), A [c’#-a’’] dated 15 August
  4. Defeat (Fail me not now, O bruised and thwarted heart), A minor [d’–f’’] dated 17 August
  5. Mors Janua Vitae (I am come to be changed), [c’–b’’@] dated 25 August

B–P Library, Box 4: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 14 pages and title page; pencil draft 15 pages
Boosey & Co 1947 [BL: G1177a18] First performance 13 May 1943 at  Westmorland Festival


A Song of Youth (Beating heart of England, mainspring of our race)
March 1942
Unison voices and salon orchestra: flute, oboe, clarinet, timpani, piano, violins 1-3, cello, bass
Words by Mordaunt Currie
B–P Library, Bag Bii: MS, ink, dated, full score 8 pages, copyist’s MS parts and pencil
piano version
(with letter from BBC)
Dedicated to The National Association of Boys Clubs
See Unison Songs, p. 41, ‘Heart of Britain’.


Heart of Britain (Beating heart of Britain)
2 March 1942
Words by Mordaunt Currie
B–P Library, Box 4: MS, score, ink, dated, 3 pages and title page (‘A Song of Youth’ deleted)
Boosey & Co 1942 [BL: E1830e44] with tonic sol–fa
Dedicated to The National Association of Boys Clubs

See Chorus and Orchestra, p. 17, ‘A Song of Youth’


Concertino, Op 103
September – October 1942
for piano and string orchestra

  1. Con moto moderato
  2. Lento cantabile
  3. Vivace

Duration: 15’
Hawkes & Son 1944 full score [BL: g417dd11] Dedicated to Yvonne Arnaud
First performance 22 December 1942 by BBC Symphony Orchestra – Adrian Boult


Suite for Violin and Piano, Op 101

  1. Prelude
  2. Rigadoon
  3. Slow Tune
  4. Carol
  5. Coranto

B–P Library. Box 6: MS, score, ink, printer’s copy, 16 pages and title page
Boosey & Hawkes 1943 [BL: g500t19] First performance 10 March 1942 at Windermere (Adila Fachiri and Christopher Cowan)
Dedicated to Adila Fachiri

Carol and Coranto from Op 101
2 movements from Suite for violin and piano see above
Boosey & Hawkes 1943 [BL: g500t18]

A Birthday Greeting for Ralph Vaughan Williams
23 October 1942
For his 70th Birthday, October 1942
for String Quartet
B–P Library, Bag Eiii: MS, ink, dated, score 2 pages and title page, parts, piano
reduction 2 pages


In ‘Rhythm Roundabout’
for trumpet with piano
Hawkes & Son 1949