The Passion according to St. Luke
4 May 1945
Soloists, choir and piano or organ
B–P Library, Bag Cii: MS, vocal score, pencil, dated, 66 pages and title page


At the Manger (Not in a palace great and grand)
7 February 1945
Words by Dr J. F. Cooke
SATB unaccompanied
B–P Library, Box 1: MS, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 2 pages and title
Boosey & Hawkes, 1948 [BL: F260d27] with tonic sol–fa


Faery Song (Shed no tear, shed no tear)
10 October 1945
Words by John Keats
B–P Library, Bag Bi: MS, ink, dated, 4 pages and title page


Darkie’s Love (Of all the coloured ladies there is only one for me)
March 1945
Arrangement of an American Negro Melody
B–P Library Box 2: MS, score, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 5 pages and title page
Boosey & Co 1945 [Boosey’s Choral Miscellany No. 219] [BL: F160e] Dedicated to the Kendal British Legion Male Voice Choir ‘of many of whom this
was the favourite song in the trenches in France during the 1914-18 war. A small offering
from their conductor 1944-45’


Arrangement of 3rd movement of suite Fancy Dress by Jay Wilbur
for 3 violins, viola, cello, bass and piano
B–P Library, Box 2: MS Jay Wilbur, full score without piano or voice part, 11 pages
Duration: 5’
Boosey & Hawkes 1946 piano conductor and parts [BL: h3210h919] See Solo Songs p. 10, other accompaniment p. 14; Orchestral Music – Full orchestra p. 46,
Small orchestra p. 47;
            Chamber Music p. 54; Piano p. 56; Other instrumental p. 57