The Old House (The Old House is drowsy)
June 1949
Words by Gray Hayward Kirkus
B-P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, dated, 3 pages

Solo Songs with piano accompaniment

Willow Leaves, Op 126
for tenor voice
Words by John Irvine
Three songs after the Chinese manner

  1. To Yuan (To the south four provinces away)
  2. The Dancing Girl (In early dusk I saw her pass alone)
  3. Meeting With Friends (Through the darkness many lamps are burning)

B–P Library, Bag A: MS, ink, dated, 13 pages and title page

Nightfall (Dusk from her store spreads veils)
Words by Harry Dawson
Curwen/Schirmer 1949 [BL: G1177a19], C [d’–g’’], Novello Album 2

Hypochondriacus (By myself walking)
Words by Charles Lamb
Curwen/Schirmer 1949 [BL: G1177a17], [b@–e’’],  Thames 10 Songs
(Bass solo test piece in 1951 National Competitive Festival)

The Cherry Tree (The cherry’s a-bloom in the North-land)
Words by Margaret Rose
Curwen/Schirmer 1949 [BL: G1177a15], B minor [b–e’’], Novello Album 1,
Schirmer 1st Mezzo

Dusk (Velvet the sky)
Words Anonymous
B–P Library, Box 2: Copyist’s MS, ink, 3 pages, voice part, typescript of text
Boosey & Hawkes 1949 [BL: G1177a16], F [c’–e’’@], B&H Easy Song 2000
(New lyric: ‘Picture Me Love’ by Westlake & Ridley, Boosey & Hawkes 1980)
Adapted from the Valse (Fancy Dress iii) by the composer.
See Solo Songs – other accompaniment p. 14; Orchestral Music – Full orchestra p. 46,
Small orchestra p. 47,
 Strings and piano p. 49; Chamber Music p. 54; Piano p. 57; Other instrumental p. 58


Dusk (Velvet the sky)
Arranged by Don Bowden for voice and small orchestra: 2 E@ alto saxophones,
2 B@ tenor, E@ baritone,
3 trumpets, 2 trombones, drums, cymbals, guitar, violins 1, 2 and 3, piano
Words Anonymous
Hawkes & Son 1949 [BL: E1500b17], piano conductor and orchestral parts
See Solo Songs p. 10; Orchestral Music – Full orchestra p. 46, Small orchestra p. 47,
Strings and piano p. 49;
Chamber Music p. 54; Piano p. 57; Other instrumental p. 58

Lyric Intermezzo
Voice and orchestra
Words by Ben Jonson
First performance 2 August 1949 at Cambridge University


Pastoral Suite, Op 123
November/December 1948 – January 1949
Baritone solo, chorus and orchestra
1. Prelude
2. Clock–a–Clay (In the cowslip pips I lie), Words by John Clare, 1857, SSAA
3. Molly Green O’Maldon (Sweet Molly Green of Maldon Town),
Words by L. Cranmer Byng, Baritone solo
4. Waken, Lords and Ladies Gay (Waken lords and ladies gay),
Words by Joseph Strutt, 1808, SATB
5. Essex (I go through the fields of blue water),
Words by Arthur Shirley Cripps, 1906, Baritone solo and SATB
B–P Library, Box 6: MS, vocal score, ink, dated,  printer’s copy, 41 pages and title page
Duration: 21’
Boosey & Co 1949 vocal score, with tonic sol–fa [BL: F1267x5] ‘This work, specially written for the Colchester Festival of 1951, makes use of poems
written in and about Essex
and the music is an expression of the composer’s love for his native county.’
First performance 5 July 1951 at Colchester Festival (Hervey Alan)


In A Dream’s Beguiling, Op 130
1949 – 50
Suite of songs for mezzo–soprano solo (or semi–chorus), women’s choir (SSA),
string orchestra and piano
Words by Walter de la Mare
1. The Night Swans (‘Tis silence on the enchanted lake) (printed title page has
‘The Night Song’, in error)
2. The Horn (Hark! Is that a horn I hear)
3. King David (Kind David was a sorrowful man)
4. Melmillo (Three and thirty birds there stood)
5. The Changeling (‘Ahoy! And ahoy!’)
6. Off The Ground (Three jolly farmers once bet a pound)
B–P Library, Box 8: MS, full score, ink, 53 pages and title page
Box 4: MS, vocal score, ink, printer’s copy, 59 pages and title page, text transcript,
Duration: 25’
Boosey & Co 1951 vocal score [BL: E1592zz2]


The Listeners (‘Is there anybody there?’ said the Traveller)
June 4-8 1949
Part–song for TTBB
Words by Walter de la Mare
B–P Library, Box 5: MS, vocal score, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 10 pages and title page
Boosey & Co 1951 [BL: F163bb46] with tonic sol–fa

First performance June 1951 for male choirs in competition at the National Festival


Miniature Dance Suite, Op 124
for string orchestra, double bass ad. lib., with optional piano
1. March, 2’35’’
2. Quick Minuet, 3’15’’
3. Graceful Dance, 2’
4. Sarabande, 2’
5. Jig, 1’35’’
B–P Library, Box 5: MS, full score 15 pages and title page, piano conductor 20 pages,
piano part 14 pages, all ink
Hawkes & Son 1951 piano conductor and parts [BL: h3210i300] Duration: 11’ 25’’
See  Orchestral Music – string orchestra p. 50


In ‘A Breath of Nostalgia’
for B@ trumpet or clarinet and piano
Hawkes & Son 1949
See above

arranged for military band by Norman Richardson
B-P Library, Box 2: MS (Richardson?), ink, full score, 23 pages; short score, 7 pages; drum part

Boosey & Hawkes 1949 conductor’s score and parts     [BL: h3211b]