In A Dream’s Beguiling, Op 130
1949 – 50
Suite of songs for mezzo–soprano solo (or semi–chorus), women’s choir (SSA),
string orchestra and piano
Words by Walter de la Mare
1. The Night Swans (‘Tis silence on the enchanted lake) (printed title page has
‘The Night Song’, in error)
2. The Horn (Hark! Is that a horn I hear)
3. King David (Kind David was a sorrowful man)
4. Melmillo (Three and thirty birds there stood)
5. The Changeling (‘Ahoy! And ahoy!’)
6. Off The Ground (Three jolly farmers once bet a pound)
B–P Library, Box 8: MS, full score, ink, 53 pages and title page
Box 4: MS, vocal score, ink, printer’s copy, 59 pages and title page, text transcript,
Duration: 25’
Boosey & Co 1951 vocal score [BL: E1592zz2]


Psalm 15 (Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle)
SATB unaccompanied
B–P Library, Box 6: MS, vocal score, ink, 5 pages
Boosey & Co 1950 [Winthrop Rogers Church Choral Series No. 31] [BL: F1147] with tonic sol–fa
Dedicated to William Bush
First performance 29 October 1950 at St. Peter’s Church, Chelmsford (
Jubilee of William Bush, organist)

A Prayer for Courage (Through all the strivings of this troubled world)
for massed unison singing
Words anonymous
B–P Library, Box 6: MS, vocal score, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 3 pages and title page
Boosey & Hawkes 1952 with tonic sol–fa [BL: E1830e62]


Who would true valour see
Two–part song
See Part Songs – with piano p. 38 ‘Pilgrim Song’


Dream Pedlary (If there were dreams to sell)
Words by Thomas Lovell Beddoes
OUP 1951 [Oxford Choral Songs No 1235] [BL:F1777a] ; Roberton 1996 [BL: E812o11]);
Goodmusic 2003
See Part Songs – with piano p. 35; Part Songs – other accompaniments p. 40

Prayer Before Sleep (Our father, whose kingdom is within each one of us)
Words by L. E. Eeman
Elkin 1955
See Solo Songs p. 10