Yarmouth Fair (As I went down to Yarmouth Fair)
Arrangement of song by Peter Warlock; the tune was composed by
Mr John Drinkwater, of Cley, Norfolk,
and taken down by E. J. Moeran
Words by Hal Collins
OUP 1958 [Oxford Choral Songs X 37] [BL: F1777m] See Part Songs – with piano – arrangements p. 39

Death of my Aunt (My aunt she died a month ago)
for SB or TB or ST/AB
Words anonymous
OUP 1958 [Oxford Choral Songs T 22] [BL: F1777m]

Pudding Song (‘The Gift’) (Now I will mind the cooking pots)
Two–part SC, with soprano and alto solo or semi–choruses
Words by Benedict Ellis
OUP 1958 [Oxford Choral Songs T 33] [BL: F1777m])
See Stage and Screen p. 45 ‘The Gift’

The Jumblies (Far and few, far and few)
Words by Edward Lear
OUP 1958 [Oxford Choral Songs U 32] [BL: F1777m]

Nursery Rhymes For Nursery Singers
1. I saw a little bird
2. Who’s above?
3. The Fox
4. I love little pussy
5. I love sixpence
6. Lullaby
OUP 1957 [BL: E373d1]


The Gift
April-May 1957
Choral mime for narrator, women’s chorus (two–part) and miming troupe
with accompaniment for strings and piano
Words by Benedict Ellis
B–P Library, Bag Dii: MS, vocal score, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 46 pages and title page,
spoken text
OUP 1958 vocal score [BL: F1267zz3] First performance 27 May 1958 at Scala Theatre for Townswomen’s Guild Silver Jubilee
See Part Songs – unaccompanied p. 32; Part Songs – with piano p. 37 ‘God be in my head’,
p. 38 ‘Pudding Song’


A Simple Suite
for string orchestra
1. Gavotte
2. Pizzicato Study
3. Slow Minuet
4. Cheerful Dance
5. Fugato
Duration: 11’

OUP 1957 score and parts [BL: g727ss10]