Danbury 1925

Words by A. C. Swinburne ‘Thou whose birth on earth angels sang to men’

Curwen 1925 [Church Choralist No 639] [BL: E1330]; OUP Songs of Praise 1926 and 1932

Crossings 1930

Words by Robert Bridges ‘Thee Will I Love, My God And King’

Yattendon Hymnal

Songs of Praise 1932

Hymns for Church and School 1964

Methodist Hymn Book (Supp.) 1969

Hymns and Songs 1969

OUP 1930; Curwen 1956

See Church Music pp. 20, 22, 23

Lingwood 1930

Words by J. C. Winslow ‘Lord of Lords and King Eternal’.

MS: B–P Archive, Bag Ci: MS probably autograph, ink, 3 pages and title page, no words

Curwen 1930 on MS, but not listed by Curwen

Clarendon Hymn Book

Hymns for Church and School 1964

Anglican Hymn Book 1965

100 Hymns For Today 1969;

Hymns Ancient and Modern New Standard 1983


Words by H. E. Fosdick ‘God of Grace and God of Glory’

Anglican Hymn Book 1965

Hymns and Songs 1969

Praise for Today 1974

Hymns and Psalms 1981


Words by W. C. Smith ‘Earth was waiting, spent and restless’

Hymns for Today’s Church 1982

Little Baddow 1930

Words by G. Duffield ‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus’

Songs of Praise 1932

Hymns for Church and School 1964

Curwen 1930; OUP 1931