Bridal March 1947

Arranged by Peter Lawson and published by Good Music (GM 281)
MS:B-P Archive, Box 9:ink, dated,11 pages and title page;Bag Ei: Xerox of MS
Original version written for 4 hands on one piano for the wedding of Ann(Gibbs) and Lyndon Rust, 14 February 1948. See above.

Six Sketches  
Book 1


1. Lyric Melody

2. Elegy

3. Jubilate Deo

Book 2:

1. Quiet Thoughts

2. Folk Song

3. Processional March

OUP 1954. Allegro [BL: g575ww11]

Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child


No 4 in A Christmas Album for Organ


OUP 1956


Minuet In Classical Style


No. 2 in An Easy Album for Organ


OUP 1956. Allegro [g575vv22]


Postlude in D


No. 2 in A Festive Album for Organ


OUP 1956. Allegro [g575vv21]