Rhapsody For Violin


Curwen ?1930



In Rhythm Roundabout

for trumpet with piano

Hawkes & Son 1949 B&H

See Solo Songs p. 324, other accompaniment p. 327; Orchestral Music – Full orchestra p. 357, – Small orchestra p. 358; Piano and strings p. 360; Chamber Music p. 365; Piano p. 368; and below


In A Breath of Nostalgia


for B♭ trumpet or clarinet and piano

Hawkes & Son 1949 B&H

See above



arranged for military band by Norman Richardson

MS: B-P Archive, Box 2: MS Richardson, ink, full score, 23 pages; short score, 7 pages; drum part

Boosey & Hawkes 1949 conductor’s score and parts [BL: h3211b]

See above

Royal Escort (original title – Winged Victory)


March for brass band arranged by Maurice Johnstone

MS: B–P Archive, Bag Eii: Copyist’s MS, ink, full score, 16 pages and title page, parts