Darkie’s Love (Of all the coloured ladies there is only one for me) March 1945

Arrangement of an American Negro Melody


B–P Library Box 2: MS, score, ink, dated, printer’s copy, 5 pages and title page

Boosey & Co 1945 [Boosey’s Choral Miscellany No. 219] [BL: F160e]

Dedicated to the Kendal British Legion Male Voice Choir ‘of many of whom this was the favourite song in the trenches in France during the 1914-18 war. A small offering from their conductor 1944-45’

Welcome to the dance (Good evening, good evening, to all assembled here) *1954

Arrangement of dance–song from Jutland

Part–song for TTBB

Words by Marjorie E. Kirtley

OUP 1954 [Oxford Choral Songs M 3] [BL: F1777m]

Yarmouth Fair (As I went down to Yarmouth Fair) *1957

Arrangement of song by Peter Warlock; the tune was composed by Mr John Drinkwater, of Cley, Norfolk, and taken down by E. J. Moeran


Words by Hal Collins

OUP 1958 [Oxford Choral Songs X 37] [BL: F1777m] See Part Songs – with piano – arrangements p. 39

Down by the riverside (One morning in the month of June) *1959

Arrangement of Norfolk folk song collected by E. J. Moeran


OUP 1965 [Oxford Choral Songs X 129] [BL: F1777m]

Dedicated to Catherine M. Baxter and The Fenland Singers