Valse in G


Weekes & Co 1907, cr, [BL: h3286jj27]

The Betrothal, Op 34


arrangement by C. A. G. of the Ballet Music

MS: B–P Archive, Bag Di: loose pages

Curwen 1921, cr. NA

See Stage and Screen p. 354

Three Sketches, Op 35

April 1921

1. A Fairy Tale

2. A Funeral Procession

3. Humoresque

MS: B-P Archive, Bag Eii: copyist’s MS, ink, dated, 12 pages and title page

Elkin 1922. Music Sales [BL: g1125b32]

Dedicated to Harold Samuel

An Essex Rhapsody, Op 36

20 July 1921

MSS: B–P Archive, Bag Ei: ink, dated, 14 pages and title page; copyist’s MS, ink, 14 pages and title page

Unpublished; but Gibbs Society holds a newly printed copy

Duration: 6′20″

Dedicated to Harold Samuel

Everyday Doings, Op 39


1. A Morning Walk

2. Peevish

3. A Conversation

4. Something Exciting

5. A Procession of Toy Soldiers

Stainer & Bell 1922, cr. [BL: g1125b31]

Dedicated to D. M. H. G. (David Gibbs)

Five–O’C1ocks and Cuckoo Flowers, Op 49


F & B Goodwin (not BL) /J W Chester 1923 [BL: g1127u10]

In the High Alps, Op 52

January – February 1925

1. Pinewoods in Snow

2. Les Ecovets

3. Winter Sport

MS: B-P Archive, Bag Ei: ink, dated, printer’s copy, 14 pages and titles

Curwen 1925 [BL: g1127cc4]

Dedicated to Penelope Hill

Four Preludes for Piano, Op 62

December 1927

1. New Moontide

2. The Hounds Of Spring

3. The Trout Pool

4. Flares

MS: B–P Archive, Bag Ei: ink, dated, original No 1, Sea Caverns deleted, 19 pages, some pencil

Curwen 1928. Music Sales [BL: g1127jj24]

Children’s Suite


1. Breakfast

2. Dinner

3. Tea

Curwen 1929 [BL: g1127ll16]

Lakeland Pictures, Op 98


1. Brooding (Thirlmere)

2. After Rain (Rydal Beck)

3. An Upland Valley (Watendlath)

4. Spring Lambs (Langdale)

5. Early Autumn (Borrowdale)

6. Pastoral (Winster)

7. Lonely Grandeur (Wastwater)

8. Quiet Winter (Tarn Hows)

MSS: P-B Archive, Box 9: complete, ink; also MSS of Nos 1, 2, 5 and 7 (No 2 dedicated ‘For Dosia’)

Thames Publishing 1997. Thames

Ballade in D♭

23rd November 1940

MS: P-B Archive, Box 9: ink, 4 pages

Unpublished; Gibbs Society holds a newly printed copy

Duration: 4′45″

Symphony No 3 in B♭ (Westmorland) Op 104


MS: B-P Archive, Bag Eii: ink, arrangement for 2 pianos by C.A.G, 54 pages and title page; part for piano 2, 22 pages

Duration: 33′

See Orchestral Music – full orchestra p. 358



arranged by Jay Wilbur

MS: B–P Archive, Box 2: MS Wilbur, pencil 4 pages and title page

Boosey & Hawkes 1946 [BL: g1125ww14]

See Solo Songs p. 324, other accompaniment p. 327; Orchestral Music – Full orchestra p. 357, – Small orchestra p. 358, Piano and strings p. 360; Chamber Music p. 365; Other instrumental p. 369

Bridal March

29th December 1947

for 4 hands

MS: B-P Archive, Box 9: ink, dated, 11 pages and title page; Bag Ei: Xerox of MS (original held by Ann Rust)

Published by Goodmusic Publishing 2019, GM 280

Dedicated to Ann and Lyndon (Rust)

First performance 14th February 1948 at Danbury Church. Written for piano as the organ had been bombed.

(C. A. G. and Maurice Jacobsen)

Barcarolle (perhaps once called Still Waters)

19th April 1952

MS: B–P Archive. Bag Ei: ink, dated, 3 pages and title page


See Orchestral Music – Small orchestra p. 359


March 1952

Slow valse

MS: B–P Archive, Bag Ei: ink, dated, 5 pages and title page


Two Pieces for Pianoforte


1. The Gates of Sleep (Nocturne)

2. March Days

OUP 1955 [BL: g1126g17]

Dedicated to David Parkhouse