Four Songs by Edward Miller (1735–1807) arranged by C.A.G. 1937
  1. The Happy Pair (At dewy dawn, so o’er the lawn), Words by Francis Pilkington, D [d′–g″]
  2. The Despairing Shepherd (One night, when all the village slept), Words by Sir Carr Scroope, Em [d′–e″]
  3. I prithee send me back my heart (I prithee, send me back my heart), Words by Sir John Suckling, G [d′–g″]
  4. To Althea, from Prison (When love with unconfined wings), Words by Richard Lovelace, somewhat bowdlerized, noted by CAG. C [e′–g″]

MS: B-P Archive, Box 4: MS, ink, printer’s copy, 9 pages and title page, typed notes on source

Boosey & Co 1937 [BL: G1275uu14] Dedicated to Mrs. George Bramwell

Two Songs arranged from ‘Elizabeth Rogers Hir Virginal Booke’ (Feb. 27 1656) [BL: Add MS 10337] 1938
  1. Lye still, my dear (Lie still my dear, why dost thou rise?) Am [g′#-f″] >Oxford Book of English Verse, but considered inauthentic by modern editors. For another edition of this same song see Arnold Dolmetsch Select English Songs and Dialogues, Book 2.
  2. Fyer, fyer, (Fyer, fyer, loe here I burn in such desire) G [d′–e″]>

Words Anon

MS: B–P Archive, Box 7: ink, printer’s copy, 4 pages, title page and text sheet

Winthrop Rogers 1938 [BL: G1177a10] Dedicated to P.W.

Three Irish Airs 1940

Words by Thomas Moore

  1. Let Erin remember (Let Erin remember the days of old), D [a-d″]
  2. I’d mourn the hopes (I’d mourn the hopes that leave me), G [b-e″]
  3. Avenging and bright (Avenging and bright fall the swift sword of Erin), A minor [c′-e″]


Unpublished, but Gibbs Society holds a newly printed score Dedicated to Keith Falkner

Canadian Folk Song Cycle March 1959
  1. My Canadian Bride (Here’s to my dear Canadian bride) (Vive la Canadienne) (French Canadian, English words by CAG)
  2. The Morning Dew (The pink, the lily and the flaming rose) (Newfoundland, collected by Maud Karpeles)
  3. I’se the b’y that builds the boat (I’se the b’y that builds the boat (Newfoundland, from the Peacock Collection)
  4. The Stormy Scenes of Winter (The stormy scenes of winter) (Nova Scotia, collected by Helen Creighton)
  5. Bonavist’ Harbour (Oh! There’s lots of fish in Bonavist’ harbour) (Newfoundland, from the Peacock Collec- tion)

MS: B–P Archive, Bag A: ink, dated, 11 pages (3 separate MSS – 1 + 3, 2 + 5, 4)

OUP 1960 [BL: F1771gg10]

Dedicated to Robert Ivan Foster

See Unison Songs p. 42